I am in six organizations on campus. I watched four YouTube videos this morning. Emails about a brand or product annoy me. I value companies who are forward-thinking and socially responsible. I tweet over 30 times a day. I never buy a new product without asking for my friend's opinion first. I have over 800 Facebook friends. I only read my news online. Pizza or tacos? Decisions, decisions... I use my iPhone and laptop while watching t.v. I won't try a new product unless it's convenient. I live in a 900 person dorm. My friends always come to me for advice. I can't wait to be in the real world and make money. I do everything with my four best friends. I'm going to be the head of a four-person household in seven years. I love to be a trendsetter. I use 14 products in the first hour of the day. My parents buy all new stuff for my dorm room each year.